Reach Out And Gift


Inez & Vinoodh


Nina Day


For Sephora’s ongoing real people campaign celebrating store employees as ambassadors, the brand wanted to feature a cast composed of the brand’s own Cast Members. By highlighting the connections which we all form through the act of gift-giving, the brand was able to encapsulate the spirit of the diverse and passionate Sephora family.


The challenge was to connect with the North American Sephora employee base directly. Nina Day Casting worked with the brand to implement an outreach system to connect with employees without disturbing corporate structure and ensuring equal opportunity. Through the remote casting process, the Nina Day team was able to engage with thousands of Sephora cast members, collecting photo and video media, as well as their personal stories of giving, and insight into what drives their passion for beauty. It was key to focus on creating real and meaningful connections with the Sephora Cast members in order to get beyond the surface and truly explore their individual personalities and what each person adds to the campaign.


Using this media, we were able to present a streamlined, comprehensive pool of talented individuals with a multitude of backgrounds and unique perspectives, allowing for a seamless client review process. This allowed us to bring together a one of a kind cast that speaks to the true diversity that exists within the beauty sphere.

The campaign brought 10 Cast members from across the United States and Canada together for a photo and video shoot by Dutch fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh.

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